how to apply lip liner

Like primer, lip liner makes it possible for your lip color to persist all day without fading or smudging. This supporting character is a beauty bag for achieving long-lasting natural, and dramatic lip looks, even though it’s not usually the show’s star.

Don’t worry if you’ve never used lip liner before. It’s much simpler than it seems to color inside the lines (or outside), especially if you go slowly. Below, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step how to use lip liner like an expert.

What you’ll require

The tools and products you’ll use to achieve a full lip shape are the same ones you’d use to achieve a more natural shape. Everything comes down to technique (more on that below). Here’s what you need to get started, regardless of the lip style you’re attempting to achieve:

Lip scrub: When your lips are at their softest, lipstick appears the smoothest. Use a mild exfoliator to remove any dead skin if yours feel dry or even a little flaky. The hydrating oils and vitamin E in this lip scrub refresh your lips and make it simple to apply lipstick (no tugging or patchy flakes).

Lip Balm: Once your lips are even and smooth, use a quality lip balm to maintain them. Choose an SPF-containing formula for the daytime (yes, your lips may get sunburned, too) and a composition with additional wax to moisturize your lips at night while you sleep.

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Lip Liner: To achieve natural daytime makeup looks, use a lip liner hue that closely resembles your natural lip color. For simple blending, pick a lip liner that complements your lipstick for bolder or brighter looks. Using a slightly darker or contrasting tint, you can experiment with ombré effects or other blending methods.

Lip Brush: Lip liner and lipstick can be blended with your fingertip or quality tissues without using a lip brush (optional). But pick up a lip brush if you want to be exceptionally accurate.

Lipstick: Lipstick is optional, but lip liner can define and fill out your lips for a more natural, less-pigmented look. Grab lipstick for more pigmented looks and textures.

Lip Gloss (Optional): One of the best tricks for creating the illusion of a larger pout is to apply a matching lip gloss only to the middle of your lips. Because of the modest texture shift, your lips appear to have a more pillowy contour. You can apply it to your lipstick for a glossy, sleek finish.

Concealer: You can use concealer to wipe up smudges and sharpen your lip line. Take it a step further if you’re overlining by putting concealer on the edges of your lips. This conceals your natural lip line, making it simpler to add a striking new one.

How to use lip liner for a Natural Look

Prepare Your Lips

Use a lip scrub to remove dead skin gently, then apply lip balm to produce a smooth surface. Before applying color, give the cream a couple of minutes to absorb. (Tip: You may manually exfoliate using a damp towel or a dry toothbrush in a pinch. Just be extra careful to avoid irritating your skin or producing microtears.)

Using concealer, reverse the line

Working around your top and bottom lips, dab concealer in little dots onto the skin slightly outside your lip line. Using a wet sponge or your fingertips, blend it into your foundation (or bare skin) until it reaches the edges of your lips.

Line the top of your lip with lip liner

Make sure the tip of a classic lip pencil is sharp and new. Soften an excessively harsh product tip and warm up the product so it blends more easily, making tiny squiggles on the back of your fingers. To designate the highest points of your cupid’s bow, start by forming an “X.” Short strokes should be used as you move outward from the high points of your lips until you reach their outside corners.

Line your bottom lip

Once more, starting at the middle of your lower lip, move outward toward the corners of your lips while staying inside the natural contour of your face. (Reverse it and line up from the outer corners toward the center for a fuller look.)

Fill them

Smudge lipstick across your bottom and top lips to even out the color. After that, pay attention to your lip line and mix the lip liner and lipstick using a lip brush or your fingertip. Once you’re happy with the coverage and blend, dab some extra lipstick onto the middle of your lips and massage them together. Done!

Pro Tips:

  • Use a cotton bud to clear up the lines and reapply any concealer you may have accidentally wiped off if your color leaks or smudges during the procedure.
  • Use lip liner to fill in your lips before applying lipstick if you’re concerned that it will budge as you eat supper. Lip liner is stickier (and frequently drier) than lipstick, so when you use it all over, you won’t notice as much fading or feathering.

How to apply lip liner for fuller lips

First, prepare your lips.

Gently exfoliate your lips as above, using a scrub, toothbrush, or washcloth. To achieve this authentic look, apply lip balm over them next and let them sit for up to 15 minutes.

Prime with concealer

Use a concealer brush or sponge to dab the concealer straight along your lip line, then blend it out until you can’t tell where your lips end and your skin starts.

Bold them with lip liner

Line your lips along the natural contour of your mouth, starting at the center of your upper lip and working outward towards the corners. To create the illusion of fuller lips, line slightly outside your natural lip line, following the shape of your cupid’s bow and the outer corners of your mouth.

Fill them

Once you have lined your lips, fill in the rest of your lips with the lip liner, using short, feathery strokes to blend the color evenly. Apply your lipstick over the lip liner, and blend the two together with a lip brush or your fingertip to create a smooth, seamless finish.

Pro Tip: 

Apply lip gloss or a drop of luminizer to the middle of your pout and spread it outward with a brush or your hands for even more impact. To further enhance the appearance of fuller lips, you can also apply a lip plumper or use a highlighting pencil to add a touch of light to the center of your bottom lip.

Frequently Asked Question –

Do you put lip liner on before or after?

Applying lip liner before putting on lipstick is one of the most important lipstick rules.

Should lip liner be lighter or darker than lipstick?

As a general principle, to maintain your lip liner and lipstick in the same color family with similar undertones, use one to two shades of darker lip liner than your lipstick.

How do you blend lip liner?

You can delicately mix everything with your finger or lightly dab concealer around the lips and blend it with a brush to highlight the curve.

What is the purpose of lip liner?

Lip liner, also known as a lip pencil, is a cosmetic product. It is intended to fill in uneven areas on the outer edges of the lips before applying lipstick to give a more even shape.